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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sculpture Tour Salina-2012

SculptureTour Salina
©Lydia Lowe 5/19/2012

"Welcome to SculptureTour Salina!  The Lee District in downtown Salina will once again became home to 24 unique and inviting sculptures. This year the walking tour will be the three blocks down Santa Fe and will also include Iron Street, featuring creations from artists across the United States.

SculptureTour Salina is an exciting exhibit of outdoor sculptures displayed in downtown Salina, Kansas (Voted the 2009 Kansas Arts Community of the Year). Artists place their sculptures in the program for one year, May through April. All sculptures are for sale to the public. Artists are eligible to win awards for Best of Show, as selected by a jury, and a People's Choice Award, as voted by the community.  This sculpture will be purchased with an award not to exceed $15,000 from the City of Salina. The winning sculpture for 2011 was "Watch Dog" by Louise Peterson, it will be relocated to a permanent home in Salina's newly created Sculpture Garden at Oakdale Park.
Enjoy the SculptureTour!!!

Start Paddling   Nathan Pierce

Ho-Hum   Conrad Snider

Breaking Waves   Felix Velez

Thought of Giza   Fredrico Aguirre

Blood Brother   Tom Ford

Zebra Bust   Lawrence Starck

Metal Skeleton Pirate   Fred Conlon

A minion at the base of the Metal Skeleton Pirate

A second minion at the base of the Metal Skeleton Pirate

Everything   Nathan Pierce

Sunflower   Julie Jones

Origins Wedge   Glenn Zweygardt

Sweet Kisses     Marianne Caroselli

Cabin Fever   Gregory Johnson

The Gift     Julie Jones

Wisdom Quest   Glenn Zweygardt

Time to Smell the Roses   Marianne Caroselli

Butterfly Girl   Gregory johnson

Buckaroo and Buddy   Marianne Caroselli

High 5     Louise Peterson

Welcome Wagon     Greg Todd
Broken Promises   Felix Velez

Leo     Pokey Park

Far From Home    Sandra Messina

Basalt Man     Glenn Zweygardt
One of the sculpture's is missing.  Where did "Tess" go?  I'll keep you posted on the mysterious disappearance of Tess.

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