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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Fabric Art Collage

More Fabric Art Collage
Rebekah Meier 
© Lydia Lowe  5/15/2012

     What do you get when you combine all your favorite art supplies: paint, stencils, rubber stamps, felt, paste, ink, etc., with new art supplies: Lutradur, Tap transfer sheets, mul-tex, etc., then throw in some buttons, beads, and jewelry findings?  You get "More Fabric Art Collage". 

     If you can create a collage art piece with paper you can do the same, only better, with fabric.  Fabric is much easier to work with.  Fabric gives easily, you can twist it, roll it, and manipulate it with ease.  This book shows you how to do that and more.  Think batting is just for sandwiching between your quilt top and backing fabric?  Think again.  There is an entire section on batting and what you can do with it besides using it as a quilt filler.

     Have you seen those new products out on the shelves, such as: Lutradur or Tap Transfer Sheets and wondered how to use them with your quilting?  Rebecca shows how to use these supplies and so many more with easy to advanced techniques, including loads of step by step instructions. 

     If you have basic crafting knowledge, basic quilting knowledge and enjoy a challenge; this book is for you.  If you have advanced crafting knowledge, advance quilting knowledge and are looking for the next great thing; this book is for you.  Let loose, let go and dive into learning new techniques.  You'll learn a lot and have a lot of fun.  When you're done and all your friends exclaim, "Wow, that is amazing, where did you buy it?"  You can say, "Buy it, I made this myself".

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