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Monday, July 28, 2014

CFTC-A Benefit for the CFTC College Scholarship Fund

Concert For The Cause
By Lydia Lowe
(all Photo's by Bob Hunter)

     It was a hot night Saturday for a concert in the park, but that did not deter the regular attendees and many new attendees from coming out to Avenue A Park for the latest Concert For The Cause.

damien Styles
     On this night, money was being raised to establish the CFTC Music Scholarship Fund.  Many of the featured acts were children and teens performing on stage.  They ranged in age from grade school to high school.  Damien Styles, a teen from Wichita, did an amazing job on stage.  If you missed the show you can check out video on the CFTC Facebook page of his performance.  Unfortunately, Kaleha B. who was to open the concert by singing The National Anthem could not attend as she was on vacation.  But I’m sure we’ll see her back on the Avenue A stage soon.  Burgundy did a smashing rendition of The National Anthem, this classic song.  This is one of those songs that is not easy to sing due to the range of notes, but Burgundy did a terrific job on the spur of the moment.

Burgundy and Burgess
     Along with the children and teens, Burgess and his band, Dominus X, along with his sister Burgundy, entertained the crowd.  Burgess continues to impress with his tap guitar method, playing two instruments at one time (you have to see this to truly appreciate what I’m talking about), and his bow over the guitar strings method.  He’s truly a rare talent.  Burgess also ran the sound, so he did double duty on this night.

Burgess Martin breaks all the guitar rules
     Two gentlemen from Wichita were here, as well.  mr. Serenade and bilistic.  mr. Serenade had all the women in the audience (and a lot of the men as well), focused intently on his singing.  He sang some smooth songs that the entire park seemed to be tuned into, along with his stage performance and facial expressions, he commanded the audience’s attention.   bilistic took the stage next and did a variety of songs ranging from hip hop to providing background beats to some of mr. Serenade’s songs.  These tunes were definitely not anything that the crowd had heard before and it caused everyone to perk up their ears and listen.

mr. Serenade
     Earth to Matilda rounded out the evening.  This group probably has the most loyal following that I have ever seen.  Their crowd showed up at 7:00 and stayed all evening to hear their band play.  Earth to Matilda did not disappoint.  Though they were hot and had been waiting all evening to play, they did a terrific job.  Their fans hung in there supporting them throughout their song set, along with a small crowd that stayed until the concerts end.

bilistic and mr. Serenade team up
      As the evening drew to a close, the performers were packing up and leaving the stage, concert-goers were gathering up their blankets, and the food and drinks were put away, the underground sprinklers raised their sprinklers heads as if to salute the end of another successful concert; and the lawn watering began in earnest.