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Monday, January 20, 2014

Concert For The Cause-MDA Benefit

Concert For The Cause
By Lydia Lowe

     Pizzaco’s was the place to be on Saturday for the first Concert For The Cause event of 2014.  This was an event to benefit the MDA. 

     Burgess Martin started the night off with a wide variety of mellow guitar solos.  I have never seen anyone play the guitar with such a unique style.  If I hadn’t witnessed it myself I would never have believed it.  This was no strumming of the guitar but instead involved picking the guitar in a variety of different ways to get the most unique sounds that I’ve ever heard come out of a guitar.  It was amazing.  Burgess is extremely talented.  I have heard him play with Dominus X previously and I enjoyed those shows but they hardly showcase his talent as did the show on Saturday night.

     The Soapbox Troubadors were up next, along with Ryan Coon, who joined them on stage.  I really enjoy the Soapbox Troubadors.  They are a real favorite of mine.  They changed it up just a bit for this show and one of the songs that they did they called their “hillbilly homage” which had everyone slapping their knees and dancing in their seats.  It was a crowd favorite.  They didn’t sing my favorite song, which is their version of Washed By The Water, but I’ll forgive them for that since I enjoyed their “hillbilly homage” so much.

     The Brian Davis Band rounded out the evening’s entertainment and Soapbox Troubadors sat in on the set.  Most of their show featured new songs that will be on the new CD.  I enjoyed each and every one immensely.  I can’t wait for them to put out this new CD.  The songs are some of the best they’ve ever written and arranged.  Brian mentioned that they were taking their time writing these songs and you can tell that the time they’ve spent has been well worth it.  

     This was one of the best events yet that Concert For The Cause has put on.  Three great bands from this past summer’s concert series along with food, drinks and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Pizzaco’s on a cold winter night.  What a great way to gather with friends and others to have a fun evening while supporting a great cause.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Thin Dark Line

A Thin Dark Line
 By Tami Hoag (1997)

     Imagine the Louisiana Bayou right before Mardi Gras and there is a killer roaming the streets.  Marcus Renard has killed and been acquitted; the town is up in arms over the not guilty verdict.   Enter Deputy Annie Broussard and Detective Nick Fourcade; she’s an idealist who believes in right and wrong, black and white; he lives in shades of gray and has stepped over the line more than once.  This case threatens to push Fourcade over the line again, when he decides to take matters into his own hands and shows up at Renard’s work place as he is leaving for the day.   Drunk and in a foul temper, Fourcade begins a brutal  beat down of Renard only to have Broussard come across the scene where she arrests the detective.  And then the fun begins . . .

     This book is full of twists and turns that will leave the reader guessing until the final pages of the story.  I couldn’t put this book down.   I felt that I knew just who the real killer was throughout the story and even though, looking back now, clues were dropped along the way that I should have picked up on, the writer did such a thorough job early on of convincing me that one particular person was guilty that I overlooked the clues she left behind.  I totally missed the real killer until much like Broussard and Fourcade, it was nearly too late.

     If you like a fast paced edge of your seat read full of murder, mayhem, mystery and a dash of romance, than this book is for you.  I thought the story was exceptional.  I read a lot of murder mysteries and usually half way through the book I know who did it and why.  Not so with this book and that’s why I can wholeheartedly recommend this book.