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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Sara Chronicles Part 3 The Return- A Book Review

Part Three: THE RETURN
L. Hughes
© Lydia Lowe 5/13/2012

The Sara Chronicles; Book Three  "The Return" . . . I really enjoyed this installment of the series.  I was afraid when I started reading it that I would have trouble following the story but that was not the case.  The cover art drew me in and I was off on an adventure. 

Sara awakens from a four year sleep and faces a world that has changed a great deal, but with one constant, Braccus.  Sara and pals must do battle with the light and the dark; with good and evil, while faced with doubts about their abilities.  Questions arise about why they have been chosen for this battle and if they are up to the challenge.  Sara battles the external forces around her while also battling her own mind, a mind which has been invaded by Braccus.

This is a great read.  All ages will enjoy this book.  I was thrilled to find out that there is a fourth and fifth installment.  Truly, I think the reader could start with any book in the series and move forward from there.  If you're looking for an escape, read this book!

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