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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prairie Rose Rangers

@ The McPherson Opera House
McPherson, KS
© Lydia Lowe 5/12/2012


 Prairie Rose Rangers . . .The McPherson Opera House was built in 1888 during the era of the cowboy and on Saturday, May 12 the venue came full circle by hosting Kansas' Favorite Cowboy band, The Prairie Rose Rangers.

The group consists of: Orin Friesen on bass, Kim Coslett on guitar who also sings lead vocals, Jolynn MacIntyre on violin, and Jesse Friesen on guitar.  This group performs regularly in Benton Kansas at the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Supper where you can hear cowboy music while you enjoy a chuckwagon supper on Saturday evenings.

The first part of the evening consisted of well-known cowboy songs as well as a few I'd not heard before.  Ghostriders In the Sky was a standout, as well as Jolynn's solo on Jerusalum Ridge.  Jesse did a reading of Cinderella, entitled RinderCella and cautioned the audience at the end of the story that "if you want to capture your prandsome hince, don't forget to sop your dripper".

After a short break the group was back again with Kim Coslett singing a few Patsy Kline songs from her Patsy Kline show that she does as a tribute to the singer.  Kim's full Patsy Kline tribute band was not here for the performance but I think The Prairie Rose Rangers with the help of Annie Friesen on drums, did a superb job of backing her up.  Kim was wearing 1940's clothing for the Patsy Kline portion of the show and when she was through, she attempted to change out of her heels and back into her cowboy boots, but the shoes wouldn't cooperate, they got stuck somehow.  It was a humorous moment.  The show must go on, and it did, but without the cowboy boots.

This was a great show.  It combined a variety of different styles and music from different eras with lots of humor and fun.  Truly it reflected the era of the cowboy and the vaudeville show format.  Check out the Prairie Rose Rangers in Benton Kansas when you get the chance.  This is a show for the entire family.

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