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Thursday, July 2, 2015


     It was the final show of the first CFTC-McPherson season.  The show looked flawless to those attending but behind the scenes was another story.  If it could go wrong, well, it did indeed.

     The benefit for the evening was The McPherson Saddle Club.  Although there weren't any pony rides as the rumors predicted, there were several small ponies in attendance who wandered through the crowd greeting attendees and each other as they pranced through The Plaza.  The McPherson Saddle Club Queen was in attendance and preparations were under way for the rodeo over the weekend.

     Katie Berry started off the evenings festivities with some cover tunes and songs she'd written herself.  It was a hot, humid night with a thunderstorm brewing just off to the west, but miraculously her guitar stayed in tune and her voice never sounded better.  Katie is in the process of preparing for studio time in the near future.  I was excited to hear this news, and even more so after she sang her original songs.  I think her debut CD is going to be terrific.

     The rain continued to hold off as Adam Capps took to the stage.  He sang solo on this night.  Capps does solo acoustic shows and a show with a full band called The Dirt Road Drifters.  The band was in Manhattan preparing for Country Stampede and awaiting Capps arrival for the big weekend show.  Pretty impressive, going from totally obscurity to deciding a couple of years ago that he wanted to pursue his passion for music and song, and now he and the band are featured performers at Country Stampede.

      If you missed the CFTC-McPherson shows, you missed out on a lot of fun.  It was a party on The Plaza every Thursday night in May and June.  CFTC-McPherson will return next year, bigger and better, and there will be plenty of surprises in store, so be sure and check out the live entertainment, the food, the drinks, and fun with friends.  The new season starts the Thursday after the All Schools Day Parade, 2016.

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