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Friday, July 3, 2015


     What a couple of class acts on Saturday night!  It doesn't get much better than The Hutchinson Municipal Band and Riley and Kathy Withrow.

     If you're a non-profit group that is still on the list to benefit from a party in the park, you can take a page out of The Municipal Band's playbook.  They showed up early to get everything ready on stage and behind the scenes at the visitor's center to sell food and drinks.  By the time the band had finished with their sound check and were ready to play, a crowd had gathered with their lawn chairs, the food was ready to be served and a line had formed for dinner and drinks.

     The band played patriotic songs and gave a history of the music before each selection.  Truly wonderful to hear how and why a song comes into being, the motivating force and happy accidents involved in creating something which on the surface seems to simple but is quite complex.  I don't think I've ever heard America The Beautiful sound so, well, beautiful.  It was one of my favorites of the evening.  Truly though, all the songs the band played were superb.  With each song, I thought, this is my favorite, until they played the next song.

     The crowd really turned out for this show, the weather was a bit cooler than it had been with a light breeze, the food was cooked to perfection, and the drinks were icy cold.

     Riley and Kathy Withrow took to the stage after the band, well, disbanded.  They played an hour set of oldies from country to rock.  Although the Withrow's couldn't hear the crowd from the stage across the way, the crowd was singing along with the songs that they new, and even attempted some soon to be new favorites.

     About 9:00 pm the mosquito's decided to get involved in the fun and the fun quickly came to an end.  But it was a great evening of music, food and fun with good friends.

     The Municipal Band plays on Tuesday evenings during the summer at The Farmers Market and there is plenty of shade and great music.  Be sure and check them out over there.  The Withrow's play all around the town and in a lot of the small towns around Hutchinson.  They played McPherson during one of the CFTC-McPherson shows this past June.  So check them out where ever you might find them playing.

     On Saturday, July 4th CFTC will attempt its biggest event yet, at Avenue A Park and Grasshopper Park across Main Street.  There will be breakfast provided by The Lions Club before the parade with several musicians playing in the gazebo.  Then after the parade stick around for lunch provided by The Salvation Army and several more bands will perform.  In the evening come back to Avenue A for supper provided by Camp Hope and hear more great music.  They'll be snow-cones and cotton candy for dessert or just because it's there.  The day's festivities will end in time for everyone to make their way to the fairground for the fireworks display.  Hope to see you there.

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