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Friday, June 26, 2015

CFTC-Smallville Edition

     Try this recipe:

                Invite 50,000 of your closest friends
                Provide a good meal (hamburgers, hotdogs, pop and water)
                And don’t forget dessert (snow cones, cotton candy)
                Live Entertainment (music, an artist painting masterpieces on the sidewalk)
                Water Park for the kiddos
                Check out a new vehicle and dream of $25,000 toward a new ride
                Plan for future entertainment via The Roller Derby girls
                Every party needs a theme, this weekend the theme was Super Heroes

      Mix it all together and what do you get: Smallville Weekend CFTC Style.

     This weekend CFTC and The Smallville Festival joined forced once again to bring live entertainment downtown.  The charities that benefited from the weekends festivities in the park were The Food Bank and The Boys and Girls Club.

      A variety of musical styles were represented over the weekend.  And E Metal kicked off the weekend with metal music.  I overheard someone in the audience remark that “now it’s time to make the metal.”  They were followed by Burgess Martin who treated the audience to his infamous tap method for guitar. And once again, the audience was entranced by the technique that Martin has perfected but also by the fact that those sounds can actually come out of guitar, who knew a guitar could sound like this.   Emma Lou and the Rednecks continued the evening’s music with a variety of different tunes.  Emma Lou started out her set by getting cozy with the audience by taking a seat on the edge of the stage and crooning a love song.   Dockers finished out the evening by getting everyone on their feet and drawing the crowd together with feel good tunes that they’d written. 

      The following night was teen night and each singer or group was under 18 years of age.  The audience heard from Braylin, The Lough Brothers (the youngest boy was quite the showman-everyone was talking about him all over the park).  The Lough Brothers are going to go far.  I saw them on The Bret and Sierra Show and they sang an original tune which they treated the audience in the park too as they wrapped up their set.  It’s a terrific song.  Then there was Jay Wheelz (AKS Josh Lightsey) who has made terrific leaps forward with his talent since we last saw him last year.  The transformation was amazing.  He was professional and polished.  The evening’s entertainment ended with Brody who carried on with the show even though he may have been nervous to start, the audience never knew.

     CFTC will be back next Saturday with another great group of musician's, more great music and of course they’ll be food, drinks and fun.  Bring your lawn chairs and pick a shady spot in the grass early, the music starts at 7:00 pm.

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