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Friday, July 31, 2015


     Hot and humid was the weather for the evening.  It was air you can wear, it was so heavy with moisture.  A dark cloud came up in the west which helped block the intense sunshine, that and the steady breeze kept those in attendance somewhat more comfortable, even with the heat.

     On this night there were many challenges, the weather was only one of those challenges that needed to be overcome.  The band line-up for the evening was set up until Thursday afternoon.  New bands were recruited and then on Saturday evening, the line-up changed again.  There were a lot of unforeseen emergencies that came up but several performers came to the rescue and the show must go on.  And it did.

     Brody Baker started the show with a case of nerves and some technical difficulties.  Once Brody got going though, he sounded great.  He sang original tunes as well as cover tunes.  He did an amazing job and even continued with his set long after he planned to leave the stage.  The second band had cancelled at the last minute and the headline band hadn't arrived yet. 

     At one point Brody shared his guitar with the sound engineer and he sang a few cover tunes, getting the crowd involved singing along with well known tunes they'd heard on the radio.  Cody, the sound engineer, had an incredible voice and his guitar playing was spot on, without a sound check or any preparation time.  Pretty amazing feat, if you ask me.

     By this time, Burgess Martin and his band Phenomenon had arrived and after a quick set-up and a sound check began their set.  Tonight the crowd was treated to the full band, including the drummer.  Many times the drummer for the group can't make it due to conflicts in his schedule.  So this was a rare and welcome appearance.  Martin even performed some of his tap guitar method selections which he does in his own show, but these are not part of the Phenomenon set.  So the crowd got the full effect of the band and Martin's unique guitar skills.

      PILR-Prairie Independent Living Resource Center was the non-profit on this evening and there were issues with the grill, and the food.  But the group persevered and the crowd was grateful for the extra effort.  With the weather being so hot, drinks seemed to be the commodity of  the evening as everyone worked to stay cool and hydrated.

     Even though it was a hot, humid late summer evening and there were challenges, the show continued on.  The crowd stayed around talking with one another even after the show had ended.  This seems to have become one of the highlights for the evening as this has happened at the last several shows.  It's really great to see the community turn out and then after the entertainment, hang out talking to friends, neighbors and making new friends. 

     Next week the fun continues, although hopefully without all the challenges, as the featured non-profit will be The Hutchinson Street Cat Society.  Bob Colladay and his band Simone Du Garfunk along with Rice County Line will perform.  When Bob Colladay performs. it's always a party.  Also, I have heard so many great things about the band Rice County Line.  They're a group that came out of nowhere and now perform all over Kansas.  They have developed a tremendous following in a short time.  I've been excited about this show ever since the schedule was put together.  This will be a special evening, from the featured non-profit to those performing.  If you've never been to a CFTC show, this is the one you won't want to miss.

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Tina Roelfs said...

Thanks for the shout out about Rice County Line! We're looking forward to this evening!