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Friday, July 24, 2015


     A dark cloud came up in the west as preparations were underway for CFTC's Saturday concert in Avenue A Park.  There was thunder, lightning,and then the first few sprinkles of rain began to fall.  Preparations continued and the sprinkles turned into a drenching rain.  But CFTC and our non-profits don't give up easily, and after a 30 minute rain delay, the concert began at 7:30 pm.

      Saturday's non-profit was The Heavenly Bells who are a deaf bell choir.  They played beautifully but cannot hear what they play.  The Heavenly Bells opened the evening's entertainment with The Star Spangled Banner and then transitioned to another song.  It was interesting to hear how the bell choir is able to play the bells in perfect harmony without being able to hear what they play.  This was a first for CFTC as The National Anthem has been played and sung a variety of ways to open a CFTC show, but this was the first time a church bell choir has opened the evening's festivities.

     The next performer was Mitchell Probst.  He did an acoustic set of original songs.  The breeze died down once the rain ended and Probst played through some incredible late day sun, heat and humidity.  He kept his guitar in tune and persevered through a difficult weather evening.  His playing enticed passersby to the park as the crowd began to drift in after the rain.

     Up next was the Ziggowatts.  I had never heard the Ziggowatts play before, although there is a buzz around town wherever musicians gather about this group and their music.  They are my new favorite group.  Their music is so unique and different.  It's a cross between Rock-n-Roll, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, and I don't think I'd be to far off if I said I heard a touch of Zydeco in there too.  It was impossible to stay seated and listening to the music.  You had to get up and move.  The music was just to delicious.  This group was polished, professional and simply amazing.  If you missed the concert on Saturday and have never heard The Ziggowatts, make sure to check out one of their shows.  They play around town a lot and at other venues around the state and once you hear them, you'll be a fan.  Plus they give out free stickers with the band's name on them, I don't think there's a person alive who couldn't use a free sticker.  Am I right?

     Next week CFTC will be back in Avenue A Park once again raising money for PILR-Prairie Independent Living Resource Center.  The bands that will be playing will be local favorite Earth To Matilda and HOTT. 

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