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Friday, August 7, 2015


     The CFTC season is winding down for the summer while the crowds seem to be growing.  Saturday night's crowd proved to be one of the bigger one's this season and the non-profit for the evening, Cat Snip Society, collected a record sum in donations.

     While the evening was warm and humid, after all it's summertime, there was a nice breeze and the temperatures were bearable.  Hutchinson turned out in force to pack Avenue A Park, sip cold drinks, relax and eat some amazing food while listening to some great music.

     The evening's line-up began with Bob Colladay performing selected tunes from his new CD, Bobulele.  Colladay always brings his crowd with him simply because they never know what he's going to do and they don't want to miss out.  Nothing's worse than hearing about his antics second hand.  On this night Colladay didn't disappoint.  He opened his set with a tribute to recently departed wrestler, Rowdy Roddy Piper.  He even wore a kilt in Piper's honor.  After his set, he remarked to those in attendance up by the visitors center that he has a variety of kilt's at home and he wore the one he wore as it was more somber and respectful of his tribute to Piper.

     Then it was time for Simone Du Garfunk.  Tammy and Bob Colladay team up as this group and Tammy's voice rang out over the park. Tammy's voice was in fine form on Saturday.  She never sounded better. All eyes were riveted to the stage throughout the groups set.  It's art for your ears when Simone Du Garfunk perform on stage.

     Then it was time for the long anticipated debut of Rice County Line.  This group did not disappoint.  They were in fine form as they played a variety of older country tunes that had a bluesy, rock, folk quality to them.  Eagles tunes were a popular favorite on Saturday night.  I know the band played for quite a while, but really no one wanted them to stop. When they finally announced that the end of the show was near, a collective sigh and the words "oh, no" could be heard around the park.  When the band heard the collective sigh they immediately announced that the party would continue at The Rusty Needle as an after party.  The crowd seemed satisfied with that announcement and began packing up to head to The Rusty Needle.

     The Cat Snip Society continued selling food even though the evening's music had ended as the crowd was still hungry.  They had the usual hamburgers and hotdogs, also cookies and other sweets, as well as a Mexican food treat.  All of this translated into dollars for the organization.

     This coming Saturday music returns to Avenue A Park to benefit The Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Center.  The line-up includes Emma Lou and the Rednex, Haven Alexandra, and Carcinogen Racehorse, a Wichita band.  While Emma Lou and the Rednex has played CFTC before, the other two bands are new to the CFTC line-up.  This should prove to be quite interesting as I'm not sure what style of music either band plays.  It's a mystery, so come out to the park and see the case solved.     

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