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Friday, June 19, 2015


     CFTC at Avenue A Park in Hutchinson had somewhat of a circus feel to it on Saturday night.  Although this was only the second show of the CFTC Hutchinson season, it was extremely well attended.  The charity and CFTC knew that this would be one of the biggest shows of the summer season.  Last year, the St. Vincent DePaul Society charity show was the largest one CFTC had held to date.  This year was no different.

     The St. Vincent DePaul Society spends a considerable amount of time promoting before the event which always helps get the crowd out to the park. This year there was the usual hotdog, hamburgers, pop and water; but there was also baked good of all kinds to tempt the appetite.

     There were limo rides provided by No Problimo which were a real hit.  Who could resist that beautiful white limo at the curb with a limo driver, suitably attired, for a drive around Hutchinson.  No Problimo charged $5.00 a ride and all the proceeds went to the nights charity.  Look for the chance to ride in the limo at other CFTC events.

     Mid West Ford brought a beautiful black Toyota to the event and donations could be made for a chance to enter the drawing to win $25,000. toward a new car at an event that Mid West Ford will be hosting in December.  The money from this drawing also went to the St. Vincent DePaul Society.

     The Soapbox Troubadores opened the evening with their signature sound and lots of original music.  They played an hour set and the crowd was entranced.  This group is very popular in Hutchinson and the surrounding area.  At the end of their set they asked if there were any requests and of course, no Soapbox show is ever complete without their signature song "Home".  This brought a tear to the eye of many in the crowd. 

     Up next was The Brian Davis Band.  This show marked the final concert for The Brian Davis Band.  They did a release of their brand new CD as the band also said its good-bye's. The songs they played were those from the new CD, from beginning to end and then a few favorites from their first CD.  Their musical style had strengthened and grown from the first CD.  As the band said their good-bye's at the end, there were a lot of tears.  The band had merchandise for sale on a donation basis, except for the CD which was $10.  All the money raised was given to The St. Vincent DePaul Society.

     Tonight's benefit for The St Vincent DePaul Society was earmarked for one very special family, The Sanchez family, who are going through a real medical struggle with one of their children.  This medical emergency has been going on for 16 years and it's taking its toll on the family financially.  Finally a cure has been found and the family will travel back east to get a welcome and final surgery for their son.  They'll be there a month and the money raised from this benefit will help defray the costs of the family being gone for this extended period of time.  A record amount of money was raised at this past Saturday's event.  This will help the family a lot.  If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, contact The St. Vincent DePaul Society, all donations are appreciated.

     This week there will be music in Avenue A Park on Friday and Saturday night in celebration and as part of The Smallville Comic Con.  Come check out the music and other festivities during Smallville weekend.


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