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Friday, June 12, 2015


      This past Saturday saw the return of CFTC to Hutchinson's Avenue A Park.  Tonight's featured non-profit was Intern Hutch a part of the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce.  Before the festivities got under way, the Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Nearly all the board members of the CFTC organization were on hand for the event.

     Jonathan Fleig opened the show with his own brand of original songs and one of his all time favorite songs originally sung by Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit.  He performed the acoustic, country version of the song.  Flieg also told the crowd about a recent project he'd been working on entitled Road to Nowhere.  Look for more information about a screening of the film featuring the music from the new CD.  This musical project was performed entirely outside in the elements.  The music has a down home feel to it and I'm sure the film project that accompanies the music will be amazing as well.

     After the performance in Avenue A Park, Jonathan Fleig gave a concert at Smedley's Tavern.  This year many of the performers will be performing at other venues after their set in the park.  So if you like what you hear in the park, the party in many cases will continue at other venues around town.  There will be an announcement at some point during the show about where you can hear more of the music you enjoy.

     Shawn Craver rounded out the night with more original tunes for the crowd.  Shawn last performed for CFTC at the opener for the McPherson CFTC edition.  He performed with The DeVeils at that show.  There's a rumor that The DeVeils may have broken up.  Craver's music is great in or out of a group setting.  There's talk that he and The DeVeils may play Third Thursday in June.  So be sure to check out Third Thursday, you just might get to hear more of Craver's music.

     This week's crowd was small and scattered around the park.  Next week, CFTC features a benefit for St Vincent DePaul with the final performance of The Brian Davis Band.  The Soapbox Troubadores will also perform.  Last year the show benefiting St Vincent DePaul was one of the biggest shows CFTC had and this year will be no different.  This organization and these bands do an amazing amount of promotion each year and it shows.  So join CFTC next Saturday for one of the biggest and the best.

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