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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


     Thursday night and another CFTC show in McPherson.  Tonight's benefit was for The United Way of McPherson County.  The featured artist's this evening were Road 23 from El Dorado, KS. and The Dockers from Hutchinson.

     Early in the CFTC McPherson series we were treated to a  wonderful rendition of The National Anthem sung by Stevie Warren from Road 23.  She returned on Thursday with her family band and treated the crowd to the full Road 23 experience. As the music played, the crowd began to swell and grow as more and more people joined those already on The Plaza to hear Road 23.

     The evening wrapped up with The Dockers, formerly The Balkans, and formerly Earth To Matilda, which features Conner Eaves, Isaac Glover, and Mitchell Probst.  The band has been going through a lot of changes lately including name changes, and band member line-ups.  However, the sound, the songs, and the music remains the same.  This band has a loyal following who show up for all their events, no matter where or when. Conner and other band members write their own unique songs and perform them in there own unique way.  While the band may grow and change, the name may remain in flux, and the band members may leave and return, this band has a unique and enduring sound that never changes.

     This coming Thursday, stop by The Plaza in McPherson around 7:00 pm and check out the CFTC benefit for The Humane Society.  Kaylee Keller and Duffy Magee will perform.  As always, there will be pop and water available, hotdogs, hamburgers and other items. 

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