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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


     This past weekend was a busy weekend for Concerts For The Cause. There were two events in McPherson and one in Hutchinson.

     On Thursday night, at Hopp's Sno Shack it was the return of Chris Arpad. Last year Arpad wrapped up the McPherson summer season to a standing room only crowd. This years crowd was even bigger than last years.

     Earlier in the day, the McPherson Parks Department dropped off benches to accommodate the crowd that was expected and it's a good thing too. Every park bench was full, people brought their own chairs, as well, and a good thing too as the sidewalks across the street were filled with folks. The line for sno cones stretched across the paved patio, spilled onto the sidewalk and stretched halfway down the block, never seeming to get any shorter.

     McPherson College students walked in from the college in groups of 10 or more students to attend the festivities. McPherson College was collecting funds at this event to donate to Circles of McPherson. Donating to the college was actually a donation for Circles. Interesting twist to the Concert For The Cause concept.

     Chris Arpad blew the crowd away with his island drum sound and calypso beat. There was a light breeze, the music was sensational and if you closed your eyes you'd swear you were on a cruise ship or a Caribbean island. A magical evening. The evenings music kicked off with the Bob Marley classic "Jammin". Arpad took time to explain about the drums he uses in his act which I found fascinating.

      No night of island music would be complete without Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville". At one point in the evening, Arpad tossed beach balls into the crowd for young and old alike to bat around. Of course, a conga line broke out at one point, this has become a staple of Arpad's performances in McPherson.

      A fun evening of music, Chris Arpad had so much fun himself, he has decided to make this an annual event and will be back next summer in late August to play for Concerts For The Cause in his third annual performance. Jim Griggs, from National Geographic, was on hand to take photo's of Arpad's performance.

     An amazing night. Anticipation builds for what's coming up on Saturday night with Concerts For The Cause Back To School street dance.

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