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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


      Two weeks ago the Concert For The Cause event in McPherson was rained out. But have no fear, the band that was set to perform that night, Hell Creek Bridge, will perform at a street dance to raise funds for The McPherson Fire Department's MDA Fill The Boot Campaign fund raiser on August 20. The event starts at 7:00 pm.

     Now on to this past Thursday's Concert For The Cause Event which featured Hutchinson's own Soapbox Troubadors. The event was a benefit for the Omega Project. This is a religious group working to affect change within the heart.

     The Troubies were in fine form on this evening, even without several of their band members, which created unique challenges for the group with regard to arrangements. They still sounded great. They sang a variety of original songs; everything from The Road to The Hollar. The group also covered a few covers including Watch Over You by Alter Bridge. I loved their version of this song. They finished their set with the haunting Home which always brings a tear to the eyes of the audience.

     At the intermission, Brandon, a graduate and now a leader within The Omega Project, performed three original rap songs set to music expressing his love of Jesus Christ. They were inspirational songs.

     Concert For The Cause events are known for unusual things happening and tonight was no different. About a half an hour into the event an ultralight with a rainbow sail sailed over the event, he circled over the event throughout the evening until it neared dark and then he flew away. I was so curious to know if he could hear the music or not and just what could he see from up in the air. Did we look like ants to him? The ant myth seems to be a popular concept.

     Concert For The Cause is winding down for the summer in McPherson. If you haven't made it out to an event, there is still time to check out the music, the crowds, the sno cones, and popcorn. On August 11 Cody Marceau will perform in a benefit for The McPherson Dog Park. On August 18 Chris Arpad returns from California to perform at what has become an annual event for him, if you missed him last year, you've got to check him out this year. The crowd was incredible and he has a sound that is not heard in this part of the country. You'll swear you've gone to the islands when you hear him. His concert will benefit McPherson College. Last but not least, Hell Creek Bridge will end the season on a high note with a street dance to benefit MDA.


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