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Thursday, August 25, 2016


     On Sunday, at The Rusty Needle Concerts For The Cause held a fund raiser for First Call For Help's school backpack/school supplies initiative.

The band: Room 347
     Riley and Kathy Withrow opened the show with their acoustic guitars and rock standards. I love to hear them play. It was a hot afternoon in the sun but they did an amazing job. Both played their heart out even though the crowd was sparse. You'd have never known it by their performance. The Withrow's gave it their all.

     Jay Wheelz took to the stage next and did some spoken word poetry/rap to open his show. It was interesting to hear how he views his music and his life. I'm a poetry buff and thought this was a great way to open his hour. Wheelz also explained where his stage name comes from and I have to admit I always wondered about the origin of that name. Now I know. There was a bit more of a crowd at this point, as the other two bands that would play after him had arrived, as well as some of their families and fans.

     Naked Fingers took to the stage after Jay Wheelz finished his set. This group had a harder sound. To go from the soft acoustic Withrow's to the mellow rap of Jay Wheelz and then a harder, rough sound, it was a little disconcerting at first. But they won me over.

      The last band to play was Room 347. Wow! They blew me away. By this time, it was hot, the band was sweating profusely and yet, they played as though none of this was going on. No sun in their eyes, no sweat running down their face, no parched throats, the show must go on. What showmen. Each member of the band not only played their instrument but they had a variety of moves that they threw in as they played. Fun to watch and great tunes too. Room 347 performed some covers and some original tunes. The crowd had grown a bit by now and when the band said they'd come to the last song, the assembled crowd talked them into one more song. Truly we'd have kept them there all evening if we thought we could have gotten them to stay and play.

     Unfortunately, First Call For Help didn't make very much at the fundraiser. If you can, please donate to this worthy cause. First Call does so much good in the community. They can use your support all year long for a wide variety of projects that benefit so many in need. Please consider a donation for this worthy organization.

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