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Friday, August 14, 2015


     Another Saturday night in Avenue A Park and it's time for another Concert For The Cause event.  Tonight's event was a benefit for The Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Center.

Emma Lou
      The evenings entertainment began with a rousing rendition of The National Anthem sung by Emma Lou of Emma Lou and the Rednecks.  Both the ladies took to the stage after the anthem and the evening's entertainment began.  This group sang primarily country tunes and their set only lasted about 30 minutes which simply wasn't long enough.  After their set was over the ladies were off to Metropolitan Coffee to continue entertaining for the evening.

Haven Alexandra
      Next up was Haven Alexandra.  This is a new act for Concert For The Cause and I wasn't sure what to expect from her.  Turns out her sound is a mix of country, folk and indie styles.  Haven writes a lot of her own material which she combines with a few cover tunes throughout her set.  Her voice is crisp and clear and sounds amazing out in the open air.  She'd sound great anywhere but after hearing her in the open air, I'd say outdoors festivals are where she shines.  Haven's voice attracted passersby to the park as folks drifted into the park from nearby restaurants and bars. Haven performed at Smedley's Tavern after she finished her set in the park.

Carcinogen Racehorse
      And this leads us to the headliner and final band for the evening, Carcinogen Racehorse.  This is also a new band for Concert For The Cause.  Once again I wasn't sure what to expect from this group.  To say that their sound is unique is an understatement.  I'm not sure how you'd classify it.  Take rock, folk, country, and punk, throw it in a blender and Carcinogen Racehorse is what you'll get.  I'm not a big fan of punk but if you were to take that influence out of their music, you'd lose something truly special.  The crowd seemed to grow as this group played and once their set had come to a close, the crowd was slow to leave.

Goofing off before the show
      The evenings non-profit, the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center, did a brisk business throughout the evening.  The crowd seemed small sitting in the grass at the park at the beginning of the evening but that was due to the fact that so much of the crowd was at the concession stand purchasing food and drinks. As the evening wore on the crowd transitioned to the grassy area across from the gazebo to focus more fully on the evening's entertainment.

     If you missed the concert on Saturday, you can still hear these performers in other venues across Kansas.  Haven Alexandra will perform at Wazup Coffee Shop in Derby on August 29 and at No. 7 Coffeehouse in Wellington on September 5.  Don't miss Carcinogen Racehorse when they play Kirby's Beer Store on August 20 and the Potwin Car Show on August 22.

     Next week Concert For The Cause will be collecting donations to benefit The Hutchinson Theatre Guild.  The evening's entertainment will feature Alex Cartwright, Morgan Wilke with her new band, and The Balkans will also perform.  If you haven't attended a CFTC event yet this summer, time is running out as there are only three more shows left in the summer season.


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