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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christine Pechstein-Author, Life Coach

Metropolitan Coffee,  Hutchinson, KS
© Lydia Lowe  9/16/2011

CHRISTINE PECHSTEIN . . . I had the chance to meet Christine on Saturday night and talk to her about her new book, "The 7 Day Sermon" at Metropolitan Coffee in Hutchinson, KS.  Christine was conducting a book signing and meet & greet for her new book.

Christine is a life coach and the books she writes are a natural extension of how she lives her life.  She takes a lot of notes on all different kinds of topics as she goes through her day.  These notes form the basis for her books.  Organization is key.  These books are workbooks that help the reader organize their thoughts to achieve their goals.  You can actually write in the books.  You might say they are workbooks for your life.

"The 7 Day Sermon" is a book that helps you organize your thoughts and keep notes that are relevant to you during your Sunday church service.  It serves as a way to live the lessons learned during the sermon throughout your week and chart your progress, finding parallels within your own life. 

Christine has written several books, including: "Here's Your Chance to Pick My Brain" ( a collection of her Facebook and Twitter posts),  "Real Life Management", "Interviewing Is An Art", "Take This Job and Chunk It", and the newest book "The 7 Day Sermon".  Be sure and check out her books and her website.  It's listed in the links section of this blog.  Christine is working on a new book which will combine the teachings of her previous books into one.  Watch for it coming soon.

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