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Monday, October 24, 2011

Blues Masters At The Crossroads

Blues Masters at The Crossroads
Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22
© Lydia Lowe  10/22/2011

Roy Head and Doug Macleod
DOUG MACLEOD . . .I really enjoyed meeting Doug on Friday night before Blues Masters.  He was the MC on Friday night and then he played a set on Saturday.  Doug has a brand new CD out called, "Brand New Eyes".  Doug won a Golden Note award in 1997 for "You Can't Take My Blues".

A fan of social media, he said that the world of music reaches a world wide audience now, almost instantaneously; with FaceBook, YouTube, and ITunes.  Now anyone anywhere can hear new genre's and discover talented artists that they might not have listened to or experienced without social media.  However, it is now possible for anyone anywhere to also create music and if they lack talent, they can adjust their musical stylings to reflect talent that isn't there.  Doug is all about honesty within the music, so he finds this a disturbing trend.

One of Doug's long time friends, Roy Head, wandered by as the interview was wrapping up.

ROY HEAD . . .is quite a character.  Roy played on Friday night.  He said he was going to do his thing and then vanish into the night.  Roy is quite a character!  Roy won a gold record in the 60's for "Treat Her Right".

"Still Treatin' Em Right" is Roy's new album.  When asked if he writes his own music, he said his attorney writes his music.  Then he laughed and explained that he was in a fight over music royalties with his record label and his attorney said that if Roy would record some of the songs that the attorney wrote, he would provide legal fees for free.  So, Roy did just that. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear either of these gentlemen play during Blues Masters but it was wonderful meeting them.  Check out their websites on the internet for more information and free music.

While I was at Blues Masters waiting to interview Doug, I had a chance to roam around downstairs, back stage and upstairs at the event, checking out all the activity.  Upstairs there was an artist that was recording a song and the acoustics at Blue Heaven Studios are fantastic.  I'm sorry that I didn't get to attend the show on Friday and Saturday night.  Salina is really blessed to have this event held here every year.  Check it out online for more information.

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