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Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Bohm Book" By Barbara and Elsie Bohm

"Bohm Book"  

I recently received this lovely book of prayers in the mail and I just have to tell you about it.
Prayer, meditation, connection with a higher power
can provide a sense of peace and calm within one's life.
I myself, find that I pray every day, in one way or another.
It isn't always formal.  Sometimes I just utter a prayer under my breath
as I go about my day.

If your like me, or if you prefer a more traditional approach,
you have got to check out
"Bohm Book".
This little book is full of short yet powerful prayers that are easily read
 and easily understood by everyone. 
The prayers are short, sweet and to the point. 
These prayers are uplifting and positive.  You just feel good after reading them.

Barbara and Elsie Bohm, the authors of this amazing book belong
to Americus Methodist Church,in Topeka, KS.
 and their prayers have been spoken there. 
Many of these prayers have also been printed in the Topeka Capital Journal.
Getting prayers published in a major newspaper is no small feat.

One of my favorites is:

As the seasons come and go,
your love is constant.
Let us be thankful
and praise you.

As you can see, these are little inspirational prayers that lift you up, make you feel good,
connect you to a higher power, and provide hope.

An added bonus, is the way that the pages of the prayers in the book are decorated.
There is filigree, butterflies, and crosses on each page.
This book is not only wonderfully written but the artwork is exceptional;
from the cover to the inside pages.

Bohm Book is a delightful book.  Check it out on the Authorhouse site.
On my links sidebar, I also have their Facebook page listed.
Both Authorhouse and Facebook can provide you with more information. 

© Lydia Lowe  9/31/2011

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