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Friday, July 15, 2011

Ride-N On Empty

Thursday Night Concert Series
Eric Stein Stage-Oakdale Park
Salina, KS

Salina, KS
© Lydia Lowe  7/14/2011
Deena Duesberg-vocals; Jim Shepard-drums; Ken McCullick-bass; 
Clark Cumbo-guitar; Micah Gordon-keyboard 

RIDE'N ON EMPTY . . . I have to give this band credit for one thing, they throw themselves into their music.  The band has a signature look, they have a gimmick where they play "Wipe Out" and throw beach balls into the crowd, when the lights go down they light up the night with color, and they have a lot of energy.  The band plays their instruments well.  Deena sings like a dream.

However, put them altogether and something strange happens, they are awful.  No amount of enthusiasm can make up for the fact that they just aren't very good.  This band just sounds terrible.  Ride'N On Empty is a cover band, they do cover tunes and those cover tunes are barely recognizable.  I tried, I really did, try to find something that I liked about their music.  But try as I might there was just no redeeming quality to their sound.  I didn't like the songs they picked to sing and play.  The music wasn't done well.  It was just a sad experience.
I love the colorful lights on the drum kit.  Even Deena's shoelaces light up!


Anonymous said...

well they can't suck that bad because of all the gigs they have played from here to Ellsworth, ya know people make mistakes - i bet you make 'em - cuz your HUMAN! Can you get up on stage in from of thousands of people and sing, play an instrument??? I haven't seen you do it - everyone is entitled to their own opinion and my opinion is you have NO TASTE in music - these guys work their asses off at a nine to five job then go and practice - they ain't spring chickens anymore - so lay off - they are a great chill...and they have quite the following so don't be such a hater.... a loyal fan of Ride'N On Empty...

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly - they are a band that knows how to have a good time - they can get rowdy - they get mellow...and trust me - they do have quite the following...just my opinion on this great band - people are people - some have talent some don't those that do - show it by getting up on stage and playing what they feel...better than that crap some of 'em play that you can't understand...another loyal Ride'N on Empty Fan