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Friday, July 22, 2011

Laura Milkins-Performance Artist

© Lydia Lowe  7/21/2011

Laura Milkins
Laura discusses her equipment
"I don't want to ever be as attached to my computer as I am right now"
. . . discussing some of her experiences on the road
Laura Milkins, a Tucson, Arizona resident and performance artist has not been home to Michigan to see her mother in four years.  On May 1, 2011, Laura set out from Arizona and is walking to Grand Rapids, Michigan to see her mother.  Along the way, Laura will stay in the homes of random people that she meets  and will repay them for their kindness by fixing them supper and breakfast in their homes.

Laura says that this has not turned out quite like she expected.  Universally every home she has stayed in has apologized in some way for their kitchen.  Apparently no one is satisfied with the cleanliness, the decorating, the amount or type of food available, or the overall look of their kitchen.  She has fixed meals for some, had her host fix meals for her, and has even been taken out to dinner at her host's favorite restaurants.  The kitchens that she has been allowed to cook in have presented a challenge with regards to what she will make for dinner.  She rummages through her host's kitchen cupboards, collecting a variety of ingredients and makes dinner from her finds.  Laura says that several of her viewers have suggested that she publish a cookbook with the stories and recipes from the various kitchens.  She is considering it.

Interaction between her and the people she meets is part of the performance art piece that she is doing.  While I spoke with her, she mentioned that our interaction was part of her performance.  I am now part of her performance art.  How interesting!  I had not thought of it quite like that before.

You can watch Laura's journey to Michigan, from now until mid-September, live, everyday at:  

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