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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anthony Gomes

"Back To The Blues Tour"
© Lydia Lowe  4/30/2011

     April 30th and Anthony Gomes was Live-at "The Santa Fe Saloon".  Yes, "The Blue Goat" has a new name. The bar has been re-decorated and updated inside.  The place seems more spacious and the sound booth has been moved to a better position within the bar.  The bar is lighter, brighter and has a better feel.  Even the crowd seemed more friendly.  Of course, this was kind of a homecoming of sorts, since the last few times that Anthony has been to Salina he has played other venues.  The same crowd always turns out for him.  Salina is full of die-hard Anthony Gomes fans.  (Anthony played Newton, Kansas a few years ago and the Salina fans followed him there.  In fact, nearly the entire audience was from Salina.)

     The band has changed completely and the sound reflected that change.  Anthony seemed more relaxed, more himself, or what I've gotten to know of him when he's not on stage.  The music was fresh and Anthony seemed to be re-vitalized.  It was a great show!  He played Blues, some Jazz, a little Rock-n-Roll, and even some Country tunes.  And he was just himself.  No pretense.  It was a dynamite show!  If you get to see Anthony Gomes in concert, run do not walk and purchase your ticket.

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