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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuesday, April 26

Diane Wahto
© Lydia Lowe  4/26/2011

     April is coming to an end, and so is the poetry series for the year, 2011.  Diane Wahto was the last poet to read for the series.  Once again, a nervous poet and her reading reflected that fact.  It's too bad really.  As I was unable to locate any of her poems to read before her performance.  Apparently she has yet to publish her first book.
      Being unfamiliar with her work, not having seen it on the page so that I could pause and reflect, it was difficult to understand quite a lot about her poetry.  Diane even mentioned that she thought her poetry was best read from the printed page rather than read aloud.  I'm afraid that in many ways I simply didn't understand her poetry.  When you factor in her nerves at reading to an audience, it was a double whammy.  I didn't seem to be the only one who was having trouble with her delivery and her poems.
     With that said, I did enjoy one of her poems immensely.  It was titled, "English Majors In Love".  This poem was hilarious.  I think the reason it resonated with me is due to the fact that I was an English major.  The basis for the poem is that English majors tend to talk about the mechanics of the language, as though this is tremendously important, while they miss the central ideas behind what is being communicated.
     I did enjoy the quips and stories that Diane told before and after the poems she read.  She has a distinct way of talking and relating information to people.  She was a teacher for most of her life.  When she was relaxed, most at home, was when she simply spoke to the audience from her heart.  I think that as she does more readings and gets her poetry out there for people to read, she will loosen up more which will provide a much more audience friendly atmosphere.

      Join me again next year, in April, for a new round of poets during National Poetry Month.  Spring is in full gear and soon summer will be heating up.  So keep checking in here at "ReVue" for more on art and entertainment throughout the spring and summer.

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