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Monday, June 6, 2011

SculptureTour Salina-2011

SculptureTour Salina
©Lydia Lowe   5/21/2011

     "Welcome to SculptureTour Salina!  The Lee District, in downtown Salina, has become the temporary home of 19 unique and inviting sculptures.  The three block walking tour features creations from artist's across the United States."  
     So begins the brochure/ballot that is available everywhere in Salina.  This tour will be available for viewing from May 21, 2011 through April 2012.  People will vote on the art, and the artwork with the most votes will be purchased by and for the city.  This process is due in part to the city art that is already available in Salina and the remarks that have been made, not always positive, regarding how the citizens of Salina feel about that city art.  In April 2012, the sculptures will be changed out and another tour will begin.  Another piece of art will be purchased from that tour . . .and on and on and on.  The SculptureTour is slated to become an annual event.
                                                            Enjoy the SculptureTour!!!

Stone's Eye Passage     Glenn Zweygardt
Untitled Jar     Conrad Snider
II Se de'Place     Jack Kindberg
Fish Tale     Gregory Johnson
Bringing on the HEAT?     Gregory Johnson
Our Canteen Lady     Sondra Jonson
Watch Dog     Louise Peterson
Trajectory     Jack Kindberg
Stone Age Remembered     Glenn Zweygardt
This fountain was in a pocket park along with some shade trees and benches.  A welcome oasis half-way through the tour.  (This wasn't part of the official tour. . .I just really enjoyed sitting nearby and listening to the water fall.)
Barbara's Portal     Jack Kindberg
Amber Eye Passthrough     Glenn Zweygardt
Ad Astra     Dr. Richard Bergen
There. . .     Susan Geissler
Rival Readers     Gregory Johnson
Quarks VII     Guy Bellaver
Pacific Giant     Adam Schuolz
This sculpture needs to be viewed from both sides.
Splintering Continuity     Beth Nybeck
Oriental     Guy Bellaver
Wheels of Commerce     Richie Bergen
                                                       I hope you enjoyed the SculptureTour.





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