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Friday, July 1, 2016


     Mix three bands, two of which are heavy and heavier metal along with a bunch of tough, rockin', hard core roller girls and you've got Concert For The Cause-Hutchinson.

Roller Derby entertaining passersby in front of The Flag Theatre
     Three bands took to the stage at The Flag Theatre this past Saturday night to entertain a small but mighty crowd as a benefit for The Central Kansas Roller Girls. Correction, I think the name has undergone a change as of late due to the fact that the roller derby has gone co-ed. Yes, if you're a fella who'd like to mix it up in the rink with other highly competitive roller derby folks, now is the time to join in the fun.

     The evening started off with the band Phenomenon and their other worldly sound. When the band was starting out, only one band member played two instruments at once, now they all do. I think it's a prerequisite to join the band. Burgess Martin, one of the members of the band, informed the crowd that they have a vocalist joining the group soon. No word yet on if he or she will have to play multiple instruments while they sing. Stay tuned to find out more about that as the band continues to develop.

     Then it was time to "make the metal" as Inflection took to the stage. This group is for sure heavy metal but an even heavier metal band took to the stage after them, the ever popular The Space Between. I'm not a metal fan but the crowd in attendance was and if the cheering, catcalls and hand clapping was any indication of the artistry of these two bands, well, they must be artistic giants. The crowd was on fire for both of these groups. No one left the theatre during either set.

The Space Between
     As the evening wore down, the crowd and the roller derby headed over to The Rusty Needle for the after party. Live music at The Needle featuring: Ghost Town Strays, Sex Knuckle and Day Shift. Also the roller girls benefit continued at The Needle, with raffle items to be given away at the end of the evening. Those items were a laptop computer, a Kindle, Monarch VIP tickets and two interesting art prints suitable for framing.

     Don't miss out on all the fun. The next Concert For The Cause event at The Flag Theatre will be July 30 to benefit The Hutchinson Street Cat Society. The bands for the evening are yet to be announced. Check out the Concert For The Cause Facebook page here: CFTC-Hutchinson as the event gets closer.

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