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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Let's Eat Out! at Panda Express

      If you love Asian Cuisine, you need to take a trip to Panda Express at 1528 E 17th Street here in Hutchinson. This past Saturday, at noon, I decided to head out to check out the menu selections, the restaurant, and the customer service.

     As I entered the restaurant I was greeted with "Welcome to Panda Express". The young woman behind the counter was friendly and prepared my meal with a smile. I found a place to sit right around the corner from the counter and across from the drink machine. The restaurant was clean and neat. Obviously this was making an impression on those dining in because every person I observed cleared their trash from their tables and disposed of it after they ate and before they left. The drink machine was clean and tidy, and dispensed ice in mass quantities on demand. It was a hot day Saturday, having available ice and a working air conditioner was great for those dining inside.

     I had the honey walnut shrimp bowl on top of fried rice, and also asked to try a sample of the Pacific chili shrimp. If you like spicy you'll love the Pacific chili shrimp. It was a little too spicy hot for me, but by the time I had finished my sample it didn't seem quite as spicy as that first bite. Next time I may try a bowl of it.

     The honey walnut shrimp was amazing, if you like your Asian food sweet then this is the dish for you; with the flavors of the honey sauce, the crunch of the walnuts and the moist shrimp combined with the fried rice was delicious. I also had an order of cream cheese rangoons. They were crispy on the outside, warm and moist on the inside. I paired my order with a Coke. My meal was fresh and flavorful. It was a great value for a full meal at around $10.

     Between the atmosphere and the food, truly a relaxing lunch on a Saturday. If you haven't been to Panda Express yet, check them out, you'll enjoy your visit.

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