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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tony Memmel

     I had the honor of seeing Tony Memmel and his wife Leslie, in concert at Ad Astra Books and Coffee in Salina this past Saturday night. What a treat! Memmel and his wife are on the road promoting their new CD: "We'll Be On The Radio".

     Memmel plays the guitar and sings since he taught himself at around age 11. While that might not seem all that remarkable, it is in Memmel's case. What sets Memmel apart is the fact that he plays the guitar with one hand. Memmel was born without his left forearm and hand. He uses Gorilla tape to attach the guitar pick to his left elbow. The result is magic on the guitar strings.

     Two of my favorite songs of the evening were "I Know We'll Get There" a song that was written during a Battle of the Bands 24 hour challenge. Memmel and his wife sang together on this song. Then there was the tune "Rock N Roll Was New", which Memmel sang solo. There was so much emotion in his voice as he sang. It pulled the listener right into the song. It's a song of possibility.

    Memmel has defied the odds and pushed the envelope of possibility to deliver strong lyrics and soulful tunes. Check out his website: The new CD "We'll Be On The Radio" is available now for purchase everywhere. On Sunday, Memmel played a house concert at Bob Collady's home and then the couple are off to stops in Kansas City and St Louis.

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