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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Jim Brickman

     Jim Brickman debuted on stage at The Historic Fox Theater this past Thursday night to a sold out house. It was also the debut of the recently purchased Steinway grand piano.

     Brickman arrived on stage in a flashy red shirt, took his seat at The Steinway and began to play. The tune was one I was not familiar with but it focused everyone's attention on the moment, and the concert began.

     We heard "Rocket To The Moon" from the "No Words" album, Brickman's first album. This was followed by "Romanza". Brickman spoke between songs about his life, his art, and his influences. Sesame Street had played a big part in his life and some of his favorite songs were the alphabet songs, particularly The Letter B, which he sang to the tune of The Beatles "Let It Be".

     This was followed by "The Gift" and "Angle Eyes". Brickman said that "Angel Eyes" was a signature song. He played this song in Wichita at one of his first ever concerts at a B98 outdoor concert series. B98 liked the song so much they began to push air play of it, as well as the audience that had heard it at the concert. Soon air play of "Angel Eyes was everywhere and Brickman's career took off from there.

     "Angel Eyes" is also a good song to learn to play the piano by as it is played on only the white keys, there are no sharps or flats (these are the black keys). So it's very easy to learn for a beginning student.

     Brickman then introduced us to John Troons, a vocalist who has appeared in many Broadway shows. He sang "To Hear You Say You Love Me". It was simply beautiful.

     The banter back and forth between Troons and Brickman was infectious. They had the audience laughing so hard many had tears streaming down their cheeks.

     The evening went far beyond a soloist at the piano. There was music, song, and comedy. It was a jam packed evening of entertainment with just a little bit of everything. The audience really got their money's worth.

     Another thing that was spectacular about this show was the stage lighting. It just enhanced the overall effect of the performance. To find out more about Jim Brickman, check out his website at:

     Josh Davies has done it again with yet another sold out show. We're getting some well known acts playing here in Hutchinson at The Historic Fox Theater. Make sure to buy tickets and support these shows, so we can continue to get top quality entertainment. There is nothing in the world better than going to a live show.

     Up next at The Fox: Patty Griffen, Sara Watkins and Anais Mitchell on Saturday, March 26 at 7:30 p.m.

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