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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Voice Play

     The McPherson Opera House hosted the group Voice Play on Saturday, January 16.  You might remember this group from the fourth season of the NBC show, The Sing Off.

     Voice Play is a group of five guys from Orlando, Florida: Earl, Eli, Geoff, Layne and Tony.  Although they sing a capella tunes and at first glance appear to be a barbershop type of group, this act is far from the standard barbershop fare.  They sing, they did some dancing, they incorporated some live action vaudeville type skits, brought audience members up on stage, and always, throughout the performance they kept the crowd engaged through audience participation.  There was some comedy routines, as well.

     One of the more amazing parts of this show is the groups use of instruments, or lack there of, as the vocalists became the instruments.  Layne primarily produced the amazing drumbeats for the songs.  He has some amazing talent.  Geoff provided bass to accompany Layne on drums and it is truly a treat to see them in concert together.  Hard to believe that those instrument sounds are coming from voices and not from the actual instruments.  Truly this has to be seen to be believed.

     The group also utilized a screen behind them with messages and other interactive media as they sang which provided another dimension to their performance.

     A couple of montages of songs in the first and second acts were well received by the audience as everyone sang along.  One of the funnier parts of the show was when Voice Play insisted that they were not a boy band and then proceeded to build a boy band on the stage.  There was the heart throb, the bad boy, the old guy, the shy one and of the guy who leaves the group and goes solo.  They even included an 'N Sync (Bye, Bye, Bye) and New Kids On The Block (You Got It: The Right Stuff) tune during this part of the show.

     Polished and professional, with a sound like no other.  This was the kick off performance of a three week tour, so if you didn't catch them in McPherson and want to do some traveling, the next closet date will be April 7 and 8 in Aurora, Colorado at the CHSAA Annual A Capella Festival.  Also check out their YouTube video's (especially The Chicken Song) and website:


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