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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Book Clubs At The Public Library

     Do you like to read?  Do you enjoy mysteries or science fiction?  Do you enjoy discussing books with others?  If you do, you might enjoy the book clubs at the Hutchinson Public Library.

     My first love is mysteries and the Mystery Mavens book club was a good fit.  The book that they are reading and discussing this Tuesday night at 7:00 pm upstairs in conference room #2 is: "The Keeper of Lost Causes" by Jussi Adler-Olsen.  The writer of this book is Danish and last year one of the books that came from an author in this same region had a car chase scene in it that was incredible. I could actually see the scene in my head, it was so clear.  The title of that book was: "The Hunting Dogs" by John Lier Horst.  There were a couple of books that I didn't finish; one was due to the way it was written, but overall I've read along with every one.  I'm not sure who picks out the books for this club but they should be commended.  I have had an entire world of mystery writers opened up to me that I never would have went looking for on my own.  I've learned a lot on my way through these books.  If you love mysteries, check out these books and if you have time, attend the book club.  I haven't gone to an actual meeting yet, but I have enjoyed the books.

      Then there is the science fiction book club.  I'm not big on sci-fi stories but there were a few this past year that I enjoyed and had to read.  They had more of a supernatural bent to them which is probably why they appealed to me.  "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury was frightening in a way that Stephen King is not. This book stuck with me during the daylight hours and was in my thoughts up until I finished it and beyond.  I also enjoyed "After The Fall, Before The Fall, During The Fall" by Nancy Kress.  The way this was written was unique and eventually everything came together as one and then proceeded forward.  I am still unsure why a nuclear bomb had to be deployed, so probably I should have attended the book club meeting.  Currently this group is reading: "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson and of course, I have to read this one.  If you love sci-fi you need to check out the monthly selections available for this group.  The group meets next on Thursday, February 11.

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