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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Wrinkle Neck Mules

     Back Porch Buddha, Bryan Master and Dennis Harden, kicked off the evening with original tunes that had the audience fired up from the first chord stroke of the guitar. Each and every song was memorable and fun.  However, the song that stole the show was the final one of their set, Mona Rigby's Houseboat.  Truly hilarious.  We've all done crazy things, drunk or not, and those barely remembered times are so funny when you recall bits and pieces, then try to piece together the rest of the story.  This song had all those elements and more.  The audience was laughing so hard that many were in tears.  Plus the fact that the beer and wine was flowing freely and many in the audience already had a good buzz going, didn't hurt a bit either. 

     As soon as Back Porch Buddha finished their set they were off to another gig in Wichita.  These guys had a busy Saturday night ahead of them, but the audience at The McPherson Opera House thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the time they took to be there.  Check out their website for upcoming performances at:

     Then it was time for the nights headliner, The Wrinkle Neck Mules.  Yes, there is a story behind their name or maybe not, the group was mum on whether there was a story or not.  In fact, during the evening's interview, when the question was asked, they looked uncomfortable and changed the subject, make of it what you will.

     Yes, that is the black cat firework symbol on the wall at the back of the stage.  The first song they sang was Firework Stand which paid homage to that staple of every childhood 4th of July, Black Cat Firecrackers.  This group was more than enthusiastic while they played and sang their songs.  I don't know if they were standing to close to the mics or just weren't enunciating their words or what was going on on this night, but I could not understand a single lyric they sang.  I wasn't alone.  I polled those around me and they also said that they couldn't understand what they were saying.  Even without the lyrics, the music was great and the fellas played with gusto, as these fans can attest too.

     The band joked during the interview that one of their favorite songs that they were going to play on this evening was I Never Thought It Would Go This Far. The entire band cracked up when this song was mentioned during the interview before the show.   
     Wrinkle Neck Mules were headed home after this show and don't have any upcoming dates in the near future.  Concert season is winding down at this time of the year.  If you can't get enough of the Wrinkle Neck Mules, check out their website here: 

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