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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Midtown Men

     The 1960's were alive and well this past Thursday night when The Midtown Men made a stop at The Fox Theatre in Hutchinson.

     There was a lot of interest in this show from the time it was announced as part of the regular 2015/2016 season. This show did not disappoint.  Opening to a sold out audience, The Midtown Men wowed everyone with classic 1960's songs that appeared fresh and new, even though everyone in the audience knew all the words.  Singing along was expected and encouraged.

     I enjoyed the backdrops on the stage, the layout of the guitars, drums, brass instruments, and keyboard.  The outfits were vintage 1960's complete with skinny ties.  A class act through and through, as much fun to watch as to listen too.  A video screen at the back of the stage played a variety of vintage black and white video of various groups whose songs were being sung on stage as well as video of The Midtown Men at photo ops and on the streets of New York which lent an air of fantasy and a Broadway feel to the overall production.  Truly the audience was no longer in Kansas anymore.

     Hutch audiences have a history of leaving at intermission or a break in the action.  On this night, not a single person left the venue.  In fact, when the music started back up at the break, people left whatever line they were in, be it concessions or bathrooms, to return to the auditorium and their seats.  No one wanted to miss a single note that was played or sang on the stage.  The Midtown Men had captivated the crowd!

     At the end of the evening, The Midtown Men exited to the lobby to sign autographs, meet and greet the patrons, and take photos with anyone who requested one.  Even with an early departure time the following day, the group stayed until the last person left the lobby.  

     The Midtown Men have several private performances lined up after their show at The Historic Fox Theatre.  The next performance that they have planned for general audiences will by December 15 in Avon Park, Florida.

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