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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sculpture Walk-Hutchinson

     While it may not be a big walking sculpture tour, like some in surrounding towns, it has its own charms.  There are several things that set this tour apart from the rest.  

     As each sculpture is set downtown, it can be viewed.  It's not covered up.  Every trip down Main Street brings surprises and delights.

     All the sculptures face the street so you can drive by rather than having to walk.  Some folks aren't able to walk the entire route so this makes the art accessible to all.

     The "Best In Show" is announced at the artist reception which is held at the beginning of the event.  Mr. Eggwards won "Best of Show.

     The artists are accessible.  The Art Center held a lovely reception with drinks and desserts.  It was really nice.  Donors of sculptures from previous sculpture walks were recognized and honored.  The public was invited.  It was really a wonderful reception.

     Sculptures were grouped into categories: such as the multiple Humpty Dumpty sculptures.  Several artists had multiple entries: such as Nelson Escalante and Gregory Johnson.

     The overall feel of the show is relaxed and laid back, rather then nerve racking and uptight.  I think it's because the show is one you can do at your own pace, from the very beginning, as the artwork is set out and put on view.   It's much better than being forced to participate in day long regimented activities in the hot sun with an overwhelming amount of art to view.

     Check out upcoming posts that feature more of the artwork from the walk along with interviews with the artists.  Following are a few more photo's from the walk.

Canteen Lady by Sondra L. Jonson

Comforter by Karen Crain

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