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Monday, July 7, 2014

CFTC-A Benefit for The Salvation Army

Concert For The Cause
By Lydia Lowe

      Concert For The Cause set its biggest attendance record yet, this past Saturday.  This weekly event on Saturday night in Avenue A Park just keeps getting bigger and better.  If you’ve never been to a CFTC event you are missing something because you just never know what will happen.  This past Saturday one of the bands donated some inflatables to the Salvation Army and these were set up for the children in the park to enjoy.  The inflatables were quite popular as was the splash park just over the bridge.  There were fire spinners during VOS’s performance.  It was pretty spectacular as the evening wound down to darkness.

      The evening’s music began with Fraktured Black from Salina. Their music is smooth and just great to listen too.  I was somewhat shocked when they classified their sound as hard rock.  I could detect elements of that in their lyrics and with the sound but their music goes way beyond the hard rock genre.  To classify them as a typical hard rock band doesn’t do their music justice.  Many dismiss hard rock and don’t give it a chance.  In fact, where I was sitting there were a group of folks that had come to hear one of the other bands on this evening and weren’t very happy about having to sit through a “hard rock” band.  But that all changed once the music began.  Their little group was be-bopping in their seats to the tunes that Fraktured Black delivered.  You’d have been hard pressed to find anyone in the park who wasn’t totally into the music.  This group has redefined what “hard rock” means.

     Up next was Godzillionaire and as the name implies they came from “outta Hutch space”, the band is from Lawrence, and trampled their way through town to the gazebo at the park.  Unlike their pseudo namesake, who just makes lots of raucous noise, these guys can really sing and play great music.  They classify themselves as heavy space rock.  But to classify this group as heavy rock misses the mark.  Their sound is unique and you can tell that from the very first taste of their lyrics.  If the crowd could have gotten them to play longer, they would have.  Hopefully, they’ll be back again, soon, because they’ve already begun to establish a fan following in Hutchinson.  I heard from quite a few people that they felt the band was wasting their time in Lawrence.   They should just move here and play in venues around Hutchinson.  A statement like that says a lot.

      Then, it was time for VOS AKA Victims of Spotlight to take the stage.  It happens everywhere, VOS shows up and the park, the bar, whatever venue they play fills up with fans.  Many of those in the park had come at 7:00 pm because they didn’t know what time VOS would play and they didn’t want to miss them.  Saturday’s concert did not disappoint.  The guys were in fine form and played what’s become their signature song, Twlight Zone, to round out their set.  The crowd hung on and wouldn’t let them leave.  It was so hot but the guys took a quick break and did a couple more songs for the fans.  The fans hung in there waiting through the break.

      If you haven’t been to a CFTC event, come down to Avenue A Park on Saturday nights from 7:00 to 10:00 pm through the end of August and check out the event.  Every week there’s a different charity to support, great music, food, drinks, and fun.  Plus you’ll probably see most of your friends and neighbors there, too.

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