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Monday, September 23, 2013

Concert For The Cause

Concert For The Cause:
Featuring Kathy Withrow, SoapBox Troubadors, HOT, and ZSP
Avenue A Park
Hutchinson, KS
© Lydia Lowe 2013
     The final concert for the 2013 season saw gentle breezes, cooler temperatures, larger crowds than ever before, a wide variety of musical stylings, free food (hot from the grill), and all the free water and pop that you could consume.  A fight almost broke out, too.  This concert series has had it all.
     Kathy Withrow kicked off the night with a variety of different tunes.  As I walked through the crowd I overheard one person or another say, "I love this song" and then they'd start singing along with the lyrics as Kathy sang.  Kathy picked so many crowd favorites that I wasn't sure she was going to be allowed to leave the stage.
     Then it was time for the SoapBox Troubadors to play.  These guys are crowd favorites and I waited a bit to see if they'd play their signature song, Washed By The Water.  I was thrilled when they finally got to this tune and the crowd pop for it was excellent.  This group has played several times this summer and are not to be missed.
     HOT a group that I was not familiar with took to the stage next.  They owned the stage.  There was singing, dancing, and choreography that couldn't be beat.  The energy coming off this stage show was incredible and had the crowd on their feet bouncing along with the beat.  This Christian Rock group also had a powerful message that they delivered between songs.  The overall performance was amazing and I hope they come back next year.  

     Then ZSP took to the stage to round out the night.  Unfortunately, I only got to hear the first song of this performance, but if crowd reaction was any indication of how the night and the series was going to wind up, the end of the evening was looking to be a powerful send off for the 2013 season.

     There was no non-profit on this night, but our grill master, Dave Jennings, was taking donations to cover the hospital costs of his grandson who was just released from the hospital.  The crowd was more than generous with their donations.  

     Also, on this night the food, pop and water from the summer season was given out to the crowd for free as a thank you for attending the concert season and making it such a success.  One fan took advantage of the situation and picked up about 10 cases of pop and had to be set straight.  A few words were exchanged but everything returned to a peaceful gathering quickly and the crowd took it all in stride.

     Don't forget that the concert series will be back next year in June.  Watch The Bee for more information in the spring and keep checking the website and Facebook page: concertforthecause for updates throughout the year.

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