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Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Stiefel Theatre
Salina, KS
© Lydia Lowe 6/16/2012

Members of Poco sign autographs after the show.

POCO . . .This is a band that has been going strong since 1968.  Rusty Young, is the front man, a founding member of the group, and as Jack Sundrud, the bass player of the group remarked, when introducing him, "Rusty is the only person whose been to every sinlge Poco show".
     Poco took the stage last and they did not disappoint. The set started with a new song “All Fired Up” which will be on their new CD coming out in late July, early August. Then they broke into all their hits, from “Heart of the Night” and their only number one hit, “Crazy Love.” A second song from their new album “Father’s Day” included additional background vocals by Steve Weinmeister from Firefall.  Sundrud had written the song about his father who he remarked was 94 and a half years old.  What a great song for the day before Father's Day.  I overheard a fan later, in the lobby, tell how he had lost his father this year and the song brought tears to his eyes. 

     Michael Webb, who played just about every instrument imaginable, sang a song from his solo CD, “Drinkin’ “Bout You” which was absolutely hilarious. Then it was time for another song from the new CD, “Hard Country”, and if crowd reaction makes a hit, this one has number one written all over it. It brought everyone to their feet.  Sundrud wrote this one too.  It was written about the prairie where he lived in Minnesota when he was growing up.  He said Kansas had reminded him of the prairie from his childhood and he had enjoyed the ride from Kansas City to Salina because he got to gaze out at the prairie.  Webb began the song playing the accordian and transitioned to electric piano halfway through and did it effortlessly.  It was amazing to see him change instruments mid-song, keep up with the tempo and stay on key. 

     By far one of the funniest songs of the night was "Neil Young Is Not My Brother".  Rusty told the audience that people always thought that Neil Young was his brother for some reason.  It was a rumor that was rampant.  So to address the issue he wrote this song.

     I had a chance to interview Rusty Young  before the show and found out that Poco actually spawed several other country/rock bands.  Founding members Randy Meisner, left to found The Eagles, Jim Messina left to found Loggins and Messina, and Richie Furay, left to found Buffalo Springfield.   Young said he thought Poco was the only band that has accomplished this feat.

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