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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fabric Art Collage

Fabric Art Collage
Rebekah Meier
© Lydia Lowe 6/13/2012

     If you’ve always wanted to create with collage but prefer working with fabric and fibers rather than paper, this is the book for you.
     The book covers a wide variety of information: tools and supplies (embossing powders aren’t just for paper), painting and stamping (melted crayons on muslin and how to clean the iron afterwards), creating base materials (paper and fabric combo’s), texture (needle felting), embellishments (paper beads), fibers and embroidery (plus size inchies?), hot tools (dryer sheets as a design tool), distressing (coffee and tea spills can be a good thing), and assembling the layers. These are just a few of the more unique things that I found and is a fraction of the possibilities that are available for creating fabric art collages.
       I thought the book was a little light on project ideas. But the author did have a lot of information to cover regarding the tools and supplies that are available. For additional project ideas, I would recommend Rebekah Meier’s second book, More Fabric Art Collage. The two books go hand in hand.

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