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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ryan Coon

Metro Coffee
Hutchinson, KS
© Lydia Lowe  1/7/2012
Ryan Coon . . .I got the chance to check out Ryan Coon in concert at Metropolitan Coffee in Hutch on Saturday night.  What a terrific concert!  I loved the soulful way that Ryan played the guitar.  

Ryan played two sets which took the concert until nearly 10:00 p.m.  Generally, concerts at The Metro last about an hour and a half.  So, this was a rare treat.  Ryan's set consisted of mellow tunes, fast toe tappers, dreamy instrumentals, a few knee slappers, and slow thoughtful ballads.  I found myself humming along, unable to sit still as I kept time to the music. 

Throughout Ryan's set, he took time to explain his musical influences and where his songs come from, how he develops his tunes.  He spends a lot of time playing his guitar and figuring out what he wants to say musically and then writes the actual music.  Everyone has their own way of creating their art and this is working well for Ryan.

A funny, strange thing happened during Ryan's concert that I have never seen happen anywhere before.  Ryan had taken a break and was well into his second set, when a fan came up into the stage area and asked to purchase a CD.  I have no idea why this happened, why the fella didn't make his purchase during the break or wait until after Ryan's concert was over.  Ryan was very accommodating and seemed to think nothing of it.  Without missing a beat, he sold the fella the CD and went right back into finishing his set.

Ryan's concert was truly an amazing journey through his music, his art, and how his mind works.  Check out Ryan Coon's music on ITunes.  If you get a chance to hear Ryan in concert, make sure to do so.  You are definitely in for a treat! 

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