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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Clint Black

The Stiefel Theatre,  Salina, KS
© Lydia Lowe  12/15/2011
I love the backdrop (unfortunately, it makes it difficult to get good photos)
Clint Black playing harmonica.
The Marquee outside the Stiefel Theatre 

CLINT BLACK . . . I had the opportunity to see Clint Black perform on Wednesday evening.  This was a make-up show from the week before.  Clint was suppose to perform on Thursday, December 8 but became ill and had to cancel.  This show was worth waiting for, though.

I'm not a country music fan.  I never really have been.  So naturally, I was curious to see what my reaction would be to this type of music.  I was familiar with Clint Black.  I knew who he was, that he wore a black cowboy hat as his trademark, that he sang country music, and that he was married to Lisa Hartman.   But I didn't know any of his songs and none were familiar to me as the concert began.

Clint Black and his band were impressive.  Every member of his band could play multiple instruments and I could tell that this was something they took for granted.  Everyone of them, including Clint, moved from instrument to instrument with such ease that you knew this had been going on for some time.  Never in my life would I have thought someone in the band would have pulled out a saxophone at a country show or that at one point Clint would play the drums.

Add into this show the fact that Clint kept throwing in one liners that had the audience laughing themselves silly.  He really is quite funny.  Clint is funny in the way that he would say things and you'd have to think just a bit before you realized what he'd say.  He's the thinking mans comic!

The place was packed with country fans and everyone knew all the words to all of his songs.  True fans in every sense of the word.  I had my favorites as well.  "Like the Rain" is one that I dearly loved.  Talk about mood music.  It made me think of the prairie right before a summer rain.  "Desperado", an Eagles tune, was amazing.  He stayed true to the way Don Henley sang it oh so many years ago.  Of course, Clint and the band got tapped for an encore.  The last song of the evening, and the last song of the encore, one of Clint's band mates sang "Josie", a Steely Dan song, and also accompanied himself on the saxophone.  Clint played drums on this song. 

It was truly a memorable evening.  I don't know if I'll become a convert to country music or not.  But you never know.  I sat down at my computer this morning and searched for "Like the Rain" because I just had to hear it one more time.  Apparently Clint Black, country music and his tunes stayed with me long after the concert was over.  That is saying something.

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Lee Crowther said...

Clint Black is the one country artist I really dig. I grew up listening to country music but moved on to sixties' and seventies' rock (e.g. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd), folk rock (e.g. Jim Croce, CSNY, Buffalo Springfield) and 20th century classical music (e.g. Stravinsky, Debussy, Bartók, Copland, Zappa). In spite of my changed tastes, I have continued to love Clint Black's music - it really resonates with me.