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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Changes Are Coming!

     You may have noticed a new tab at the top of my blog.  A calendar.  If you can't get to it, don't worry, the calendar is under construction.  There will be more tabs that join the calendar tab as I go through this next year. 
     There is so much entertainment in Salina and the surrounding area.  I go to a fraction of the available entertainment in the area.  I'm only one person and can't get to it all.  I am, however, going to provide a calendar to keep everyone up to date on what's happening in the area.  If you have an entertainment event that you would like listed, shoot me an email, let me know what it is and all the pertinent info.  I'll get it put up on the calendar.

     Also, if you attend an event, take photo's, write a review or would just like to let others know about an entertainment experience that you've had out in the community, shoot me an email and let me know about it.  I'll post it on ReVue.

     It's an exciting time at ReVue!  This upcoming year is going to be full of surprises.  Don't forget to comment on the posts.  Good or bad, I'll post them for all to see.  The year's not over yet and I have a few more reviews to post this year.


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