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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kelley Hunt

     Kelley Hunt returned to The McPherson Opera House this past Friday night. She brought along her full band from Chicago with her this time.

     Hunt was promoting her Beautiful Bones CD. Many of the songs were familiar ones from her last jaunt through McPherson. She also played a selection of tunes from her earlier CD's. Hunt has this beautiful melodic quality to her voice whether she's singing the blues or something with a bit more of a rock-n-roll vibe to it.

     While on stage, she becomes one with the music and I think this helps to transport her audience to the same place. Proof of this was the folks who got up to dance during the concert. They were lost in the music, had become one with the tunes in the air, and simply couldn't stay seated. Meanwhile the rest of the audience was bee bopping in there seats to this truly memorable music.

     Kelley Hunt is always a hit in McPherson. She played a new tune during the encore, "Stand Up". No word yet when it will be coming out with others on a new CD but I know that plans are in the works for a new CD in the near future.

     Hunt's next stop after McPherson was Kansas City on Saturday night at The Crossroads Music Festival, then it's on to Greensburg, KS on Friday, September 30th at The Twilight Theatre. So if you were unable to attend the McPherson show, you can check out Kelley Hunt in Greensburg. Truly a memorable evening of music and song.


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