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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


      What do you get when you combine a harpist, bagpipes and kilts, a group that plays rock/post punk/goth music, a barbecue grill full of food, and pop? It has to be the kick off to the first season of Concert For The Cause in McPherson, Kansas.

      Hutchinson’s own Bob Colladay, kicked off the evening by singing the Scottish National Anthem and the American National Anthem. Then as a last minute song he slipped in a song from his new CD entitled Outhouse. Of course, he had everyone laughing.

      As is fitting for a benefit for The McPherson Scottish Festival, it just wouldn’t be the same without one of the most popular performers from the festival. RoJean Louks started the evening off with some amazing harp music. People drifted onto the The Plaza, drawn by the music to listen a while to a little ear candy. Since we’ve been having so much rain lately, RoJean ended her set with a montage of musical selections featuring rivers and rain.

      Then The DeVeils from Wichita Kansas took to the stage. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with this group. The have a wide range of musical styles and I wasn’t exactly sure what post-punk was going to sound like. The played a variety of different styles of original music and I’ll have to say that this is a group to watch. If you get a chance to hear them don’t pass it up. The music is fresh and original. It was hard not to keep time to the music and dance. So I did just that. People were driving by on the street, rolling down their windows and just stopping in the middle of the street to listen.

     What a beautiful night for a concert, fresh grilled food, drinks, and meeting new friends. Thursday CFTC will do it again on The Plaza in McPherson with fresh, new music and a benefit for the Girl Scouts.

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