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Monday, September 22, 2014

CFTC-The 2014 Finale

Concert For The Cause
By Lydia Lowe
(all photo's by Bob Hunter)

     The finale show for CFTC was one for the record books.  This was an event that will be talked about for months.  If you missed it, you missed a lot.

     Our grill-meister didn't show up to run the grill, so I enlisted the city security officer to man the grill and our homeless resident in Avenue A park assisted with the grilling duties.  At one point, as we were getting everything ready to go and finishing up the first round of free hotdogs for concert-goers, we were joined by a snake about three-feet long.  Out of nowhere a concert goer appeared and grabbed the snake up by its head and took off with it.  This ended the screaming up by the visitors center.  And people quickly got their appetites back.  

     The band load-in had started a bit late and so people were eating and drinking while load in was taking place and sound check was happening.  So between the free food and drinks, and then the appearance of the snake and our "snake whisperer" everyone was fairly well entertained.  Avenue A Park was filling up with folks at a fairly fast rate.

     The music began about 30 minutes late, just as it was getting dark.  This was perfect due to the fact that we had colored lights and this only enhanced their colors.  A storm began moving in but then appeared to move off to the north.  Katie Berry started the show, she looked fabulous and her voice was in perfect form.  She got the park rocking and rolling, and the concert off to a great start.

     As Katie left the stage and Soapbox Troubadors began prepping the stage for their part of the show, there was a quick clap of thunder, a few lighting flashes, and then came the rain.  The park emptied out pretty quickly.  The Soapbox Troubadors, however, subscribe to the adage that the show must go on.  So as soon as the downpour passed, they began playing and the park filled back up again.  Quite a few of those attending had headed over to the stage when it began to rain.  They were sitting and standing under the gazebo with the bands, getting a chance to meet the artists and listen to the music up close and personal.

     After the Soapbox Troubadors finished their set, once again, a clap of thunder, some flashes of lighting and more rain.  This downpour wasn't nearly as heavy or long lasting as the time before.  This time instead of the park clearing out, everyone went to the gazebo.  No one wanted to miss out on Morgan Wilk's return to the CFTC stage.  And Morgan delivered a terrific comeback show.  She was in fine voice and sang some wonderful original songs.  A hardy few returned to the grassy area across from the stage to hear her and even a few new folks showed up in the park.

    What an amazing night in Avenue A Park, with terrific musical acts, free food and drinks, and a crowd that refused to leave until the last note was sung.  They were not deterred by glitches with getting the food prepared, snakes didn't scare them off, the music was delayed from time to time, the rain came and went; the crowd hung in there.  I heard from quite a few people that they were so sad to see the season end.  But fear not, CFTC will return in June of 2015.  Check out the website for further updates.

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