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Monday, August 25, 2014

CFTC-A Benefit for The American Cancer Society

Kathy Withrow & David Vidal sing the National Anthem while Riley Withrow holds the flag
Concert For The Cause
By Lydia Lowe
(all photo's by Bob Hunter)

     It happened again on Saturday night when the non-profit didn't show for the concert.  Third Thursday was the featured non-profit for the evening but at 6:45 p.m. no representatives from the organization had shown up to work the event. 

     However, this time there was a back up plan and the folks from The American Cancer Society sailed in to rescue the concession sales for the evening.  Even though they weren't able to do advance promotion for their event, since they didn't know they'd be the non-profit, and the crowd was a little smaller than usual, the charity walked away with a tidy donation for their evenings work.

Riley and Kathy Withrow
     Riley and Kathy Withrow along with David Vidal opened the show with The National Anthem.  Then Riley and Kathy Withrow took to the stage.  They played for an hour and were spot on with vocals and music.  At one point I'm thrilled to say that they dedicated a song to me, one that I had mentioned to them that I originally groaned when Kathy had announced it at an earlier show.  But the twist that Kathy puts on this song when she sings it as well as her voice when she sings it, with so much emotion, has totally changed my mind about the song.  And the song is "From A Distance".  It's a new favorite of mind.  Thanks for the dedication, Riley and Kathy, it meant so much to me.

David Vidal and his cigar box guitar
     Then David Vidal took the stage.  David's show is always just like the man, unpretentious, straight forward delivery, original music with spot on vocals, and a variety of string instruments including his cigar box guitar. David's style hails back to the days of the traveling folk singer who was able to take everyday life events and elevate them to something profound and out of the ordinary.  His music calls us to re-examine our everyday lives. It's at times, uplifting, sometimes sad and full of sorrow and then we are redeemed, once again.  David is in the area right now and plays a variety of places.  He has some new music out, so if you can catch a show, do that, you won't be sorry. And please buy one of his CD's. the music is great and all musicians appreciate the show of support for their art. 

     Then Sean Story from VOS (Victims of Spotlight) took to the stage with two of his guitar students.  It was wonderful to see these two young people on stage playing and singing.  Both students displayed some fine talent that we may see again on the CFTC stage soon.

     The evening came to a close with Cymbal Sound System who performed several hip hop songs with a positive message.  Perhaps he'll perform again next year.  The crowd really only got a taste of his music so it's hard to know the amount of talent there.  But I'm sure this performer will grow his talent and maybe he'll return next year to perform at a CFTC show.   

Autumn is on the way!
     There are two shows left for the 2014 CFTC season.  Next week is the final show of the season and has been re-branded as a benefit for the family of Liam Smalling.  Originally it was a benefit for Sterling Autism but that group voluntarily stepped back to let the Smalling's benefit from the concession sales.  Then the absolute final show, the Thank You show of the year will be the Saturday after the close of the Kansas State Fair.  Mark your calendars now because you don't want to miss this one.  All the concessions will be free but a donation jar will be set up for those who wish to contribute to The American Cancer Society, although it is not required. Please join CFTC in Avenue A Park, enjoy free food and drinks and some great music as we say good-bye to the summer season and recognize the loyal concert crowd and their contributions to helping non-profits in Hutchinson.  

     Your dollars and change have been very much appreciated by all of the participating non-profits this year.  All of these fine organizations work within tight budgets, from dwindling grant funds or even solely from donations only, and your dollars and change made a big difference this year.

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