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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mary Chapin Carpenter and Shawn Colvin

Mary Chapin Carpenter and Shawn Colvin
The Orpheum Theatre
Wichita, KS
© Lydia Lowe 2013
      When I made plans to attend this concert, I couldn't really place the music of Mary Chapin Carpenter, (or Shawn Colvin, for that matter) but I knew the names.  I can now say that I am probably one of the duo's  biggest fans.  The music was incredible and seeing Carpenter and Colvin performing in this type of venue only added to the experience.  It was as though they were hosting an intimate dinner party and we were all hanging out in her living room with them.
     The energy in the theater was upbeat and electric.  The show didn't slow down for a minute.  The audience was really into the entire production.  It wasn't uncommon to see people be-booping in their seats to the beat.  A couple of women sitting next to me were singing along with the words to some of the songs.  Truly a lot of die hard fans, all very familiar with the words and music, were packed into The Orpheum on this night.
     Both performers covered their own song selections as well as each others.  This was truly a treat.  They even changed up some of the tunes to the music which the crowd seemed to appreciate.  It was a great evening with great music and terrific performers who put their whole heart and soul into this concert date.  Now I've got to go buy some of their music!


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