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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hutchapalooza!-Concert For The Cause

Concert For The Cause:
A Variety of Musical Acts on Two Stages
DCI Park/Avenue A Park
Hutchinson, KS
© Lydia Lowe 2013

     Snafu: To make a situation confusing or chaotic and my definition of the word, more aptly put, unplanned changes leading to an unexpected outcome.  Hutchapalooza began with several snafu’s.  But the show must go on and everyone involved in the production stepped up to make this one of the premiere events in downtown Hutch.  

     At 10:00 a.m. this past Saturday, DCI Park and Avenue A Park in Hutch, featured a variety of bands with a variety of styles.  There was something for everyone from rock to rap to country to bluegrass to heavy metal and oldies.  This event was also a double benefit concert for the Salvation Army, who was preparing food at DCI Park, and the Hutchinson Zoo, who was preparing food at Avenue A Park to raise money for the new otter exhibit.   Besides the hot food there were snow-cones and Mel Hambelton was out with their ice cream truck.

     As the shows opened at each park and at the eleventh hour, Pools Plus cancelled and would not be available to grill food at Avenue A Park.  Organizers James Lowe and Steve Lovese didn’t let this bother them, nor did the zoo representatives.  One of the zoo reps went home, picked up the family grill and soon the smell of barbecue began wafting through the park.  It’s great when groups and people pull together for the common good.   You can’t keep a good benefit down. 

       Several bands over the course of the day cancelled due to various reasons, one or two didn’t even bother to call to cancel, and as I’ve said before, if a band cancels there is always someone waiting in the wings to take their place.  Once again, this proved true as a variety of other bands and individuals stepped up to fill in the gaps in the band lineup.  Actually this provided a more well-rounded lineup and got the word out about several great local bands that you might want to check out around the community.  The crowd always remembers the names of the bands that show up.

An impromptu parade breaks out during Hutchapalooza

          Hutchapalooza was a rousing success.  The crowds were out in force, the Salvation Army and the Hutchinson Zoo were blessed by your donations, and fun was had by all who attended.  Next week Concert For The Cause will feature Julie Sutton, John Rowdy, Lacey Cruse, and Mark Bowling.  The concert series is back at the Avenue A stage.  The non-profit will be 3rd Thursday and there may even be some of the arts community out and about with tables of wares available for sale.  Come check out all the food, music and fun!

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