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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Doobie Brothers

The Stiefel Theatre
Salina, KS
© Lydia Lowe 2013

If you missed The Doobie Brothers show on Tuesday night, April 9, at The Stiefel Theatre, you missed a lot.  This show started rocking right from the start and the intensity never, ever, let up; not for one minute.  They started the set with "Jesus Is Just Alright" and the crowd hit their feet immediately.

One hit after another followed that with the crowd on their feet for most of the show.  We heard all the hits, from: Rockin' Down the Highway, Take Me in Your Arms, What a Fool Believes, Takin' It To The Streets, Blackwater, and Without You.  The crowd never really sat down during the entire two hour show and it was impossible to not sing along with the lyrics to the songs or keep time clapping your hands and stomping your feet.  In fact, the band encouraged the crowd to participate during the show.  We didn't need that much encouragement, believe me.  The band never took a break throughout their set.

What's great about a Doobie Brothers show is the wide range of instruments that the band plays.  There were the usual guitar and bass guitar, but there were also two drummers, a synthesizer, electric piano, saxophone, harmonica, and a violin. 

The crowd was so electrified by the end of the show, none of us wanted it to end, including the band.  Of course the crowd through up a ruckus when the band left the stage, so they returned for a three song encore, which included "China Grove" and finished strong with "Listen To The Music".  This was a sold out show and I heard by way of the grapevine that The Doobie Brothers were so pleased with the crowd and The Stiefel Theatre that they were hinting strongly about coming back to Salina to play The Stiefel Theatre again. 


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Anonymous said...

it was a great show, and nice review!!!!